Motivation is something that needs thinking about before putting in place. You first need to work out what’s the drive for your employees and what causes an employee to want to do their job. Before you move on you need to understand that not everyone is motivated by the same thing. Some people are motivated by money and others are motivated by time.


Money is often the basis for what most people think is at the top of the list for employee motivation. Obviously, higher pay or a monetary incentive is always welcome. And it’s not something to be embarrassed about, after all we could all use a little extra cash. The monetary incentive is a good one because bonus is always something to work towards but also that means you’re making the company money. You make the company money, the company pays you a little more money. That’s how it works.

Whilst a monetary incentive is the most common motivational tool it isn’t the only way to get an employee to push themselves that little bit further.

Other Options

Starting with the basics, a very simple way of motivating someone is to make them feel valued. When an employee is able to contribute to ideas, is allowed to make suggestions to problems and is involved in as much as possible then they’ll feel appreciated. The by-product of this is that their motivation and confidence is inflated.
Employee Motivation
Recognition is of course another simple but effective way to inflate an employees motivation and confidence. The motivation coming from these techniques isn’t as blatant as putting an incentive in place but it’s just as effective. When an employee knows that they’ll receive praise for doing something well then they’ll work that little bit harder to get that recognition.Creating a fun, stimulating and hard working work place is something every company should be trying to achieve. For example, casual dress days, personal pictures, plants and interactive sales days are good ways to increase productivity, moral and general well being within a team. If these things are in place then employees are motivated to work hard so that they can continue receiving a relaxed working environment.Time

A monetary incentive and a great working environment are great ways to motivate employees but personally time is the best of all. Money is something we can earn and an improved working environment is something we can work towards. Time however isn’t something we can get back.

If you’re able to award your staff with time off then this can be a huge weapon in your arsenal of motivational tools. Awarding your employees with a day off or even a half day is going to make them feel great. No other incentive provides us with that feeling of being paid to have time off which isn’t in our allotted holiday for that year. It’s almost a feeling of bunking off school, except we’re allowed to do it this time!

Motivational Arsenal

Now that you have these few techniques in your arsenal try them out when the next opportunity presents itself and see if they make a difference. Remember, motivation kicks in when an employee is excited by the outcome.

There are many techniques for motivating staff and I’m sure this is just scratching the surface so if you’ve experienced different successes then please share.

Matthew Jenkins