Just to confirm, I haven’t found a magical pair of shoes that will make you instantly sell more just by wearing them! I’m still looking for those…..

However I have found a way that wearing shoes could help you sell more!

Please read on….

Let’s start of with the assumption that when you are selling, you’re selling. You are following a sales process, using sales tools or techniques with the aim of ultimately winning the sale.

Essentially you are wearing your sales shoes!

Whilst wearing those shoes you are focused on selling, your mindset is a sales persons mindset and so you will act like a sales person. You’ll be thinking about prospecting, qualifying, identifying a need, creating a value, selling the benefits, finding a solution and closing the deal.

By wearing your sales shoes you’ll end up with the same objections and challenges that most people face. Prospects not wanting to speak to you, avoiding your calls, feeling pressured and feeling that you only want the sale.

It’s time to change your shoes…..

Just for a minute take off your sales shoes (you don’t need to literally take off your shoes, although maybe it will help!).

Now I’d like you to put on a different pair of shoes, your customer shoes.

You will be a customer on a daily basis. Whether it’s buying groceries from the shop, buying clothes, going to a restaurant, the cinema or purchasing services. You know exactly what it’s like to be a customer and how that feels.

I’m sure you’ll admit that you feel different wearing those shoes compared to your sales shoes. Suddenly you’ll be more focused on what value the product offers you, is the price affordable or could you get it cheaper elsewhere, do you like the person you’re dealing with and what is YOUR timeline to make a decision.

How could this help me sell more?

Take some time now to think about how YOU feel as a customer. How would YOU react if you tried to sell to you? How would you like to be treated as a customer.

Suddenly by wearing a different pair of shoes you can relate more to your customers and prospects. By doing so hopefully you should be able to connect with them better, build a better relationship and sell more!

What do you think? Do you agree? I’d love to know your thoughts, please do write them in the comments box.

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Daniel Disney