Sales people will often buy into whatever it is they sell. They’ll learn the details, be taught the key selling points and unique selling points to help them convince their prospects to buy.

They will then use their master list of sales strategies and techniques, follow their sales process and push until the opportunity converts.

The problem is that most customers don’t like to be sold too. They don’t want to be persuaded or pressured into buying something. They don’t want someone to just read a list of pre defined statistics and facts. People now have access to most of that information through the internet. The customers needs have changed and so must the sales strategies if they are to capture this modern audience.

You need to be excited by what you sell

Some of the most successful sales people don’t actually sell, but just share their excitement and passion for a certain product or service.

You’re not selling if you genuinely love what ever it is you are talking about

Customers want to see how that product or service has actually benefitted someone. How it has worked and proven success. If you have actually used it and found benefit from it, you can talk with real life experience. You are no longer seen as someone trying to persuade them to buy, but someone sharing a successful product or service.

What are you excited about?

Think about your favorite sport, sports team, book, film, music etc. When you discuss that with your friends and family you will talk with such a high level of passion and interest. Imagine if you could talk about your product with that same passion?!

So many people will read a book, watch a sport, listen to a song or watch a film following the recommendation from someone. How many times do you read the reviews before you buy something? People want to see proof that whatever they are going to buy is worth buying.

Knowledge is more powerful now then ever before

Customers will respond more to people with knowledge. Their questions and knowledge gaps can only be answered and filled by a much higher level of competence. Alternatively they want to know from someone who has actually used or benefited from it.

Modern sales success will come to those who gain a higher understanding of their products. They will understand their customers at a much higher level and become experts in their field.

Knowledge is Power

You need to create that excitement and passion with your customer

The next step to gaining sales success will be from excitement and passion. To earn the trust of your customer you need to show that you believe in what you sell. They don’t just want to talk to any old sales professional, but someone who is an ambassador for that product.

You need to ask yourself:

  • Have you personally used what you are selling?
  • Do you understand it properly?
  • Would you buy it yourself?
  • Have you seen other customers benefit from it?
  • Do you believe in your product and company?

Your challenge is to get your customer equally excited by what you sell. That excitement will be what helps encourage to not only buy your product but build their loyalty to buy from you.

Knowledge + Passion = Sales

If you can combine knowledge with passion you will find a lot more success in sales. You will be able to answer your customers questions and build both trust and passion for your product with them.

Sales used to built on how effective a sales person could be and how confidently they could push people into buying. Now sales people are successful through their knowledge of their products and their ability to create excitement within their customers.

What do you think?

Do you genuinely love what you sell? Does it help you sell? Do you not love what you sell but find selling it easy? I’d love to know your thoughts, please do write them in the comments box.

Daniel Disney