It’s critical in this 24 hour working culture that you learn to recharge your batteries on a regular basis. Unfortunately we don’t all have the luxury of quiet weekends and lots of annual leave, some of us have little to no time to recharge.

So how do we recharge? There are obvious factors that we can change in our routine to enhance our work/life energy levels, like taking time in our commute to read an inspiring article or listen to a chilled out track. These things help us stay sane but I have a suggestion for helping clear your head. How about write a list of all the things you have to tackle in the next 24 hrs, then number them in priority and cross number them in time sensitivity. Once this is done, clear your mind and process that whilst you are commuting you can do nothing to affect the outcome of these tasks and relax yourself into thinking about something else.

Half way through the day you may have only tackled a quarter of your list and more things keep getting added to the list. Instead of skipping lunch to get these tasks done, stop, eat something as your body needs recharging too and it will help you think clearly. Return to the task and reverse the exercise you performed earlier on the commute, start noting in order what is least important and cross reference this also with time sensitivity. You have now created a list of tasks for tomorrow and have helped your journey home and to work in the morning become a recharge time and not a stress time.

Try it as it might just work for you!

Daniel Frye