No matter how big or how small the task in hand is, if it’s completed in a stressful manner then not only may mistakes occur but you’re left feeling exhausted. If however you’ve completed a task successfully and in a stress free manner then you’re left feeling proud and ready to take on the next challenge.

Everyone knows that when you’ve got several things on your mind at once you can get easily distracted, if you get this sorted then that’s a great start to being successful without being stressed.

With this in mind whenever a stressful situation occurs, whether you’ve got a hundred and one things to do or just need to figure something out, the first thing you need to do is take a second, sit back and if possible get a drink. Before tackling the task ahead you need to prioritise; you need to consider several things, what’s the most important aspect of the task at hand, what aspects are time sensitive and what needs the most attention. This then presents you with a list rather than all these things in your head that you just need to do.

Lists are important to being stress free and this is simply because you never have to remember what else it is that you have to do. The only thing you do need to remember is where you’ve put that stupid list!
This list will probably take no more than a minute but will save you not only time but stress.

The situation you’re now looking at is one that’s clearly set out in stages rather than, oh my word I’ve got so many things to do and such little time!

Not only does this clearly outline what you have to do to reach your end goal but it enables you to see the progression you’re making throughout and you start seeing success even before you’ve finished. This I call, the success list.

Combine the success list with regular breaks and refreshments and you have the winning formula for turning stressful into successful. Your busy, hardworking days will now be full of little achievements which will help change your outlook on work.

Matthew Jenkins