Positivity has the power to change someone’s day. Why not read this article and find out how. This isn’t going to be something ground breaking but it’s one of those things that when someone says out loud, or reads, you realise how simple it is.

A lot of people think that you’re either a positive person or a negative person. I however think that being positive or negative is a choice.  I understand that sometimes something happens that’s unfair and difficult to deal with but the negativity that comes with that is a choice. If you’re able to sit back take a minute to think about it then you can understand that the way you deal with something is very much a choice. Now the way you deal with things without thinking about it is very much a natural thing but that doesn’t mean that’s how you should deal with it and it’s up to you to make it a conscious decision.  When you’ve done this on a regular basis you’ll soon realise that you changed your  ‘natural reaction’ from something negative to something positive.

If you’re having a bad day at work and it’s just one of those days where nothing seems to go right then you have two choices; one, you can accept it and carry on with your day with an almost ‘I give up’ feeling or two, you can say to yourself ‘hey, it doesn’t matter that things aren’t happening for me today, that just means I’m another step closer to achieving my next goal’. It doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in, you have the power to change things up.

The way we think ultimately determines the quality of work we achieve. Yes it’s true if you need to write a complaint then writing it from a negative point of view works best but generally speaking, if you’re of a negative frame of mind when doing anything then not only are you going to not enjoy it but the quality of work could be compromised.

When you’re next in a situation where you’re thinking negatively, just take a second to think ‘right let’s just think differently here’. For example, if you know you’ve got to do something but you really don’t want to then there’re two outcomes. The first is by dealing with it negatively whereby you’re spending the whole time thinking how much you don’t want to do this and time will drag. You’ll feel annoyed and it’s likely that it’ll have a lasting effect on you.

The second, positive, way to deal with that situation is to simply say to yourself ‘I have to do it so what’s the point being annoyed about it’. This is when you go into overdrive. You need to set yourself small achievable targets so that you feel like you’re making progress. When you’re doing this you’ll be on a roll and getting on with it and once you’ve finished it won’t feel like it’s taken forever because you’ve not been watching the clock or not thought about how much you hate your life right now!

If you’re that person that whenever someone talks to you you’re moaning about the way things are run or what you have to do then people are going to start avoiding you or asking less questions. Now maybe that sounds ideal to you but if you’re in a position of influence or just someone in a more senior role then you have a responsibility to be approachable. Being negative attracts stress so all you need to do is tell yourself that’s it’s not as much of an issue as you think. That way you turn a big problem into another task you have to get on with.

When you project negativity then that reflects badly on your role as well as the company. If you simply don’t like your job then you can either change jobs or get on with things but I don’t think it’s fair to make the role seem unattractive to colleagues who are working their way up. If you project negatively then people might think it’s the job rather than you.

With a simple change of mind you can not only make your life a lot simpler but you can inspire your peers and colleagues. If someone who knows you in either a work setting or a social setting and they ask you, why are you so happy all the time, then you’ll have an answer for them; ‘It’s simple, rather than going with my “natural reaction” I just decided to think positively about it’.

When people are referring to themselves as a negative person they’re really talking about their inner chimp. The inner chimp theory is one that says we have a first reaction, the inner chimp, where you act on instinct or your natural reaction and a second reaction where you act after a thought process. This is the work of Sports Psychologist Steve Peters and once you’ve seen this video it’ll get you thinking;


In this article I’m talking about being positive in all aspects of life. When you get annoyed or something happens to really push your buttons, take a moment and think being annoyed isn’t going to help this situation, it’ll only make it worse. Simply carry on with what you were doing without that outburst and put it to the back of your mind and soon you’ll be thinking positively in all situations. Sometimes it’s not even about thinking positively it’s about not thinking negatively and just getting through it.

What I’m not talking about is how to turn yourself into a robot and going about your day without emotional attachment. I’m simply saying why not try dealing with a difficult situation with a positive frame of mind, especially if it involves someone else. After all, if this positive spin gives someone the lift they needed in a time of need then you’ve changed their day and the way the thought about their situation. Give it a go and see how you get on.

If you don’t already consider yourself a positive person then here’s what’s going through your mind…

Thought one; oh what a silly article, what a waste of time that was that’ll never work. It’s not that simple. – Negative

Thought two; that’s interesting. I’ll give that a go. – Positive

Which one are you?

Matthew Jenkins