Sometimes do you wonder where all that time went? The last day, week, month or even year…

Well I have a few great tips to give you more time (as impossible as that sounds) and improve your life/work balance.


It’s really easy not to monitor your time efficiently and therefore has a lot of time wastage, believe me I have fallen into the ‘no time for relaxing’ trap but it’s a false economy. Being tired can cause us to be inefficient and therefore taking more time out of our busy schedules. It’s proven that times of rest are as effective in some ways as sleep and lowers stress, anxiety and therefore improves your general health. Being healthy is very helpful and not under-rated! Resting can be frustrating if you have lots to do so a general tip is to keep your working hours below 50 hours per week and set a routine of resting for 1 hour before sleeping. Also although I can’t claim to do this myself but I would always recommend taking a half hour break in the day to eat, think and breathe some fresh air. Some might call this ‘lunch’ but in reality it’s more important than a small bite to eat and a read of the newspaper. It’s a small ‘space’ in the clutter of the bustling day, don’t forget to take it!


I hear it all the time, the words ‘I don’t have time to plan’ or ‘when things slow down I’ll plan the next move’. Planning / scheduling / strategic thinking are all tools that will make your life (no matter how hectic) run smoothly. Some of the above will have adopted a bad name for themselves but don’t be fooled because with every great tool you will get a not so great ‘tool’ using these effective habits to their worse end. I was always taught that ‘Prior preparation, prevents piss poor performance!’, I would adjust this to the following ‘Prior preparation, prevents an early heart attack’. I know it’s strong but stress is a killer folks, it takes many a professional early to their end so take it seriously… Planning, strategic thinking and scheduling are your tools for time saving, use them.


I’ve spent some time observing various people stressed by a huge workload and a mammoth task but won’t take a simple drop of advise or constructive criticism. Often the around us are good a streamlining us and help us learn to do things differently or more effectively. If you can’t improve from the people around you then you need to look for growth elsewhere and there are plenty of places for find it (for example you are taking time to read this article now!). People who are constantly learning are also constantly finding effective ways to manage time through streamlining their duties efficiently.

Three small nuggets of advice that I hope will help save you an hour or two!

Tune in again sometime.

Daniel Frye