If you are looking to build a brand from virtually nothing and with limited resources to advertise nationally/globally then here are some simple yet effective ways to start building a brand from scratch:
  1. Find a core dedicated following. These are probably going to be your first set of customers, they will become ambassadors if you play your cards right. Sometimes it necessary to manufacture your core followers out of people you know initially, get friends, family, acquaintances and existing customers talking about you.
  2. Get these people talking using social network. Get them talking straight away, to their friends, family and online… it’s essential that your ambassadors spend their time bragging about your brand… Give them some kind of incentive that’s low cost if necessary, word of mouth is still the most effective form of branding!
  3. Being value for money but not cheap. I.e. don’t skimp on material costs for your product, or quality of service. The best brands are desirable because they wield an aspiration element and don’t cheapen themselves.
  4. If you spend money on advertising, then do it consistently. Don’t re-brand, ever! Make sure you’re happy with your first brand because that is what you need to stick with forever… like Mercedes, Apple, Coke-Cola, Google, Nike, MacDonalds, H&M, BMW, Facebook… the list goes on!
  5. Get external advice about every marketing, design and brand decision because you are to close and most of this stuff is subjective. You need to reach a large audience therefore your branding need to appeal from day one.
Remember the 3 PPPs. Price, product and placement, get these things right and your brand will start to build itself.

Daniel Frye