How many times have you found yourself on the commercial hamster wheel, frustrated by lack of progression or just bored of your day to day grey walled office in an industrial estate on the edge of a city? Or maybe you got the promotion you thought would change your life and suddenly you want your new boss’ job! I can tell you now that progression does not deliver happiness. Sure, it has its perks and benefits but almost always delivers an increase in hunger, competition and much more.

So what does success look like in real terms? A nice car or a big house? If the answer for you is yes then you’re not going to like this article because I believe success is based around the legacy that you leave behind when parting ways with any given task, role, business or project. It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s how you do it! What legacy are you going to leave behind? How will you effect your department, company or industry in the long term? Anyone can be a flash in the pan but it takes guts, creativity and integrity to stand the tests of time.

So, if you’re creative, why are you in an admin role? Why not be creative with your admin… when you ask “why do we do it this way?” and you get the answer “because that’s the way we do it!” then you know you’re stuck in a ‘go nowhere’ organisation. I always insist on questioning the processes and products we deliver to get the best out of everything we do. Are you doing the same? Chefs are a great example of success because they regularly push the boundaries and pioneer ingenious new concepts. They love manipulating ingredients into fusions of beautiful flavours and they end up inventing new meals and products for us all the time. Do the same with marketing, recruiting, studying, hairdressing, consulting, designing, training, investing… Everything! It doesn’t matter what role you perform, just go and invent, engage and put a little bit of your flavour into your job. From this you will soon see the fruits of your labour and will soon get noticed, simply by doing the same things but in a completely different way.

However if you go back to doing the same stuff you did yesterday and the day before, you can work 70hr weeks and burn out. Never noticed and not successful.

So, think about how you can create and implement working practices and ideas which will leave an indelible mark on your career and on the people and companies which you work with. Don’t forget your ideas need some tread, so research, work hard at them and stand behind them… good luck!

Daniel Frye