The people at the top know it:

I love this quote, even Bill Gates understands that people can be a great asset even if they aren’t the best employee… it’s just understanding how to use the people you have at your disposal.

So who forgets? Well most middle/lower management structures forget that people are the key to success. They are putting too much pressure on the people that implement your ideas and trying to reap a harvest that has barely been sewn.

CEOs listen here; your management see their staff as a commodity that is expendable and replaceable (I am generalising). Why? Because everyone is under so much pressure to deliver that they lose sight of the bigger picture.

Harsh and general statement I know but this is a common trend throughout businesses that their people are undervalued, under paid and over worked. Ideas only come from people, fact. So if your business depends on ideas which most do, whether product ideas or financial ideas only people can solve problems.

If you own a business take some time to value your greatest assets, maybe they will be a good investment, maybe they will be the reason you’re so successful!

Daniel Frye