There seem to be just two sides to the argument of does my job title make a difference? There are those who say it doesn’t. It’s just a title for what you do and doesn’t effect the way you work. And then there those who say actually, a good job title costs nothing to the company and can create a psychological benefits to staff.

I side with those who say it does matter and here are my reasons why.

Psychological Benefits.

Having a good job title makes me proud. Pride then turns into confidence and confidence leads to better performance. Quite simply, this is an easy way to improve productivity. The title gives them a feeling of importance and it suggests that the company is acknowledging their efforts and expertise.

Increase in Success

Coming from the angle of sales for example, if you’re cold calling as a Telesales then getting past the gatekeeper is more difficult than say calling as a Sales Executive. The executive title has more weight behind it because of the perception of seniority it carries. This is of course an opinion and in my experience people seem much more receptive when they think they’re talking to someone higher up in the business.



All businesses want to come across well and people want to know that they’re talking to professionals. Having a good job title makes you feel like you own that position in the company and when you own something you make sure it works well. Some people might think a company is great so why not back that up with introducing impressive job titles.

Why wouldn’t you do this?

It seems bonkers to me that you might not consider doing this for your staff, after all it costs nothing! You could even use it as a kind of promotion. Okay so you’re not giving a monetary promotion but you could call it a psychological promotion. Give people a reason to hold their heads up high. Surely it’s a no brainer?

Kevin Bacon


Any Negatives?

If people are suddenly becoming C.E.O’s by title but Office Managers by trade then this is obviously going to hurt the reputation of the company. Changing someone’s job title is fine as long as you keep it relative to their job description. As mentioned earlier, there’s no harm in renaming a Telesales to a Sales Executive.

So yes, there can be negatives but only if this idea is carried out incorrectly. Let’s give ourselves more credit and more pride in what we do. We deserve it.

Have I missed a good point for why we shouldn’t do this? Let me know your thoughts.

Matthew Jenkins