It’s critical as part of your career or personal journey is to start mapping out your path. Final destination might be too much to know at this point but why not start with a 5 year plan. Then you need 5 mini successes that will help you adhere to this deadline. Of course your 5 year goal needs to be significant because 5 years is a long period of time and we don’t have much time to waste.

It’s always best to start with an example, so in this case let’s say you are an artist that is just finishing their degree from art school. Start with your end goal which may be selling out of 5 major city galleries by the end of the 5 years. The steps are simple, research how other artists got recognised and start to mimic them, network within the right circles with intent, build a following online and with a local gallery, overvalue everything you do and most importantly keep consistent and focused with your work/message. I know nothing about the art world so ignore this example in many ways but the core of it is simple, understand your short and long term goals, research and deliver.

I set my 5 year goal after spending 1 year at my company, with 4 years I had achieved it. My 5 year goal then shifted every year I progressed, and then it became a 10 year goal the bigger the task was. The small mini successes are the most important to celebrate because they represent an important milestone on the road to the final destination. You’ll probably find yourself celebrating the mini successes more than the minor goals as they will be your source of energy ultimately.

Daniel Frye