Trying to get taken seriously as a young professional can sometimes be a challenge. Whatever business you’re in, if you’re young and starting at the bottom then the challenge of gaining respect from colleagues can sometimes seem like an uphill struggle. If you are surrounded by people of a similar age then this almost always isn’t a problem. However, if you’re going up through the ranks quicker than your colleagues but are younger than them, then gaining the respect you deserve can sometime seem impossible.

Moving up the internal ladder to make it to where you want to be is hard work but if you put your all into it then you’ll be rewarded and people will start to see you for what your achieving and not for how old you are. If you’re anything like me then still having a baby face can make the battle seems even harder! When you come into a business and start at the bottom this gives you a great chance to show what you can do for the company. Starting at the bottom is the best way to progress and this is the only way you’ll get a proven track record and it’s this track record that will get you the respect from colleagues, no matter how old you are.

A good way of gaining this respect is what you learn from your working environment and showing a good work ethic. Anyone can work hard but if you’re working hard and not bringing in the results then this will only be making more work for yourself. This is all part of the learning curve at any new business but when you learn how to work smart then this is when you’ll start seeing the results and in turn will start noticing your colleagues respect you and take you seriously. In fact I think being young and learning is better than being older with experience. This is simply because you’re learning how to work smart rather than being set in your ways. Anyone can work hard but when you’re working hard and smart then people are going to admire this and will want to learn themselves. Suddenly your baby face is starting to age in the eyes of your peers.

You’ve now gone from being another body in the office to somebody who can set an example and give advice. I know this because I was the young baby faced newbie in the office who didn’t know how to act and didn’t have the respect of my colleagues, and now I’m a highly respected member of the team at management level. It took me a whole year to realise this but only took me 4 weeks to turn it around and two years on here I am; still baby faced but respected.

Most of this is down to my own hard work and determination but some of it is down to having someone to look up to and learn from. Being a young professional in a new working environment, it’s important to have someone to have someone that you can turn to. Combine a working role model with your own self belief, hard work and determination and you’ll make yourself unstoppable on the internal ladder.

What can be better than having the respect of your colleagues and having them be envious of your baby face?

Matthew Jenkins