What does success look like?

This is a question that you need to ask yourself before starting this article. If you don’t know what success means to you then you need to establish this early. We all have ‘mini successes’ within our lives, from personal fitness to levels on Angry Birds. These are not the kind of milestones I’m talking about, I’m talking about who do you want to be and how are you going to get there?

My vision of success is to have the opportunity to effect a multitude of peoples lives in a positive way, I felt my skill set was based in the commercial realms, so that’s how I saw my staircase to success. If I want to be a CEO that can have a positive effect on the masses by running a company ethically then I need to start by understanding how to run a company. Then the next obvious step will be to influence others to follow my lead and run their business more ethically. I’m not just talking about fair trading but good wages, good products, prices and profits. A chance to source and manufacture at a fairer wage, to buddy up with smaller business to help them get off the ground, to invest in people and not just bottom line profits. Are you getting the picture?

So No. 1, what’s your end goal? No. 2, what are you good at? and No. 3, what do you love to do?

Why these 3 big questions you ask? Well starting at the 3rd questions first, if you love to do something then you are probably good at it which will help to define the end goal. So what do you love to do? I love to organise both task and people, create new things and solve unsolvable problems (Hence why I’m in the commercial management route). Are you creative, scientifically minded, organised, social, dramatic or an entrepreneur? Remember back to the last time you were truly satisfied by a hard days work, what was it that made you feel so good about it and how can you feel like that every working day?

This is not a self help guide and please stop reading if you are treating it like one, this is a chance to remember your passions and discover (or rediscover) your ambitions. I’m not going to tell you to jump out of bed and have a cold shower, as you need someone else’s pearls of wisdom for that but I will tell you how to overcome knockbacks in your career, how to tackle decisions and take calculated risks.

Start with these 3 big questions and work your way from there…

Daniel Frye