It can be almost impossible to view your own business objectively, everything you see in the business has been home grown or well crafted. Unfortunately this is one of the reasons many small businesses don’t get bigger or even worse fail altogether. Here are a couple top tips to staying on the pulse with your business and making sure you are ready to move, stretch and grow within whatever industry you operate in.

First tip – Invite a monthly staff intervention meeting. The first meeting would be a brief explanation of the vision and values/direction for the business, then the proceeding meetings more like a forum for developing the business. Rules should be in place to make sure it’s not a business meeting about operational things but a progressive forum about upholding the business and growing it. Believe me this is a tried and tested process that both lifts morale and productivity.

Second tip – Research, research and research more. Find out what your are doing differently to other business in your sector, what are you doing the same and go to their shops, website, financial statements at company house. You need to know if you are ahead or behind the rest of the pack in your field, if ahead you need to figure out how to stay ahead but if behind it’s time to re-evaluate everything.

Third tip – If you can’t get your job done within a 40hr week then there is something wrong with the structure of your business. Two reasons this might happen, you might be so exhausted and de-motivated that you’re working at a slower pace than is useful or the alternative is that you aren’t delegating efficiently. Make sure you’re not the martyr in the business because it is massively uninspiring for your staff.

Forth and final tip – Stay inspired. In everything you do you must find a regular source of inspiration, this then causes the correct attitude in your outlook towards your own challenges. When you are inspired you are at your best and will find it easier to make those tough decision, I’ve see the uninspired make decisions out of fear rather than logic, research and gut.

Look at your business, department, project, products or services and see if you are functioning healthy. If you are then great, well done and keep up the good work! If not maybe try a few of these tips.

Daniel Frye