Hiring staff can be a nightmare; there are so many pitfalls and things to avoid. So how do you hire your dream team? More to the point is there such thing as a ‘hired dream team’?

Well let’s start this that question, the answer is yes but it’s the most expensive and difficult route to go down. You see there are only two types of people you want to hire, the first is the well rounded highly experienced, qualified and motivated people, this person we will call a ‘Super employee’. To source one is hard, to afford one is hard but most importantly to keep one is the hardest because they are ambitious. The second person you want to hire is the potential super employee, someone with a spark that hasn’t got the experience yet but is mouldable into a top performer. This is our ‘Diamond in the Rough’, this person is cheaper to buy in, still can be hard to find but is much easier to keep for a while. Don’t misunderstand they always leave but you might have them for five years instead of two! So in answering that question ‘can you hire a dream team?’ the answer is yes but the next question is would you want to?

Super Employee

Let’s focus in on our Super Employee, I have hired very few of these in my time. They are almost always the best at what they do, they are self motivated, team players, ambitious, forward thinking and they get snapped up or head-hunted as soon as you have inducted them. Most of these employees will give you around two years of their professional career and most likely use their role as a ‘Training Ground’ to grow their experiences for something bigger.

If you are looking for someone like this then best give them projects to work on and build up the profile of the next project each time to keep them on board as long as possible, mainly because they will be highly productive and influential to others. Unfortunately the best way to catch one of these shooting stars is by head-hunting them, I say unfortunately because it will cost you more than a normal applicant as the expectations will be higher if you are approaching them.

Diamond in the Rough

Our Diamond however is a different kettle of fish altogether because we are looking for potential which can be tricky to spot. These employees are anywhere and everywhere but not everyone or anyone! Does that make sense? So you could have a team full of twenty plus people and only have one Diamond in the Rough employee but your ultimate aim is to have a team full of them. These are people who have the capacity and intellect to become a Super Employee long term but haven’t had the environment, experience or time to shape into one.

I have had the great pleasure of finding many of these Diamonds in my time recruiting and managing staff. Be under no illusion that it’s an easy ride, they need shaping and moulding into this great employee, this takes a huge investment of time and energy on your part but eventually they will be your very best and most productive individual. If you can implement and replicate this across an entire team of staff then you will have your ‘Dream Team’.

Daniel Frye