Your reputation is what you say about yourself and what others say about you. There is nothing new about managing your reputation. Every business has been doing it for as long as businesses have existed.

What’s new is how the Internet and social applications have changed the way reputation spreads.

In a nutshell, what does reputation management solutions do

Reputation management solutions monitor and manage your online reputation by finding any mentions of your business on the web. You are sent alerts with links to the comment that is found allowing you to read all the details and act accordingly. There are many on-line reputation management tools offered in the market place. They range from just ok to superior. The company I work for uses a truly superior product that it offers to it’s clients. This product obtains its data via a combination of webcrawl, data licensing, and API access. When a system monitors both structured and unstructured data sources it can truly be put into the superior category. Structured data include business listing sites such as directories and review sites such as Yelp, Foursquare, and City Search. Unstructured sources cover almost everything else online you can think of from Websites and blogs, social media like Twitter and Facebook, and news sites including rich media sites like Youtube and Flickr.

When you combine a strong reputation management tool with a high value content web provider web site you gain immediate credibility from all major search engines.

A good Reputation Management tool becomes a dashboard to insure your consistent and accurate data listings on all the online websites that today’s consumers use whether mobile, desktop, or tablet. They give you ease of access to correct out-dated information. Top search engines are looking at and rewarding businesses that have a good website that loads easily, have accurate information listed across all online structured and unstructured sites; have a direct tie to highly reputable, high-value content providers that are localized to the area they serve; (Your local Community Newspaper’s websites provide on-going content in long form information that search engines look at to yield maximum accuracy to the search user) ; and have strong reviews to satisfy the today users who demand for reviewsprior to purchases.

These tools also monitor your competitors online social media strategy usage that give you your share of voice in your category in the local markets you serve.When tied to a local community newspaper website they enable you to place an enhanced webpage format directory with a separate url that brings in your vital information, photos, mapping for directions, videos, tabs for essential information, power widgets that search content that brings you front and center; key search word optimizers and enhanced Search Engine Optimization via spiderbots that increase your online visibility.

Rich DiPilla